Sheep milk smells like sheep


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Mar 13, 2015
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Shadow Hills, CA
Why are you washing udders with dish soap? It won't sanitize the udder and teats to prevent mastitis. We milked dairy goats for 18 years and used an iodine udder wash to sanitize udders both before and after milking. Then used a teat dip to seal off the teat orifices and prevent mastitis.

Unless you are using a milking machine you must absolutely strain the milk. I even strained the milk from the milking machine can since you can get hair or dirt in the milk when attaching the inflations. Straining the milk does not strain out the cream. You can use 2 wire strainers and sandwich a coffee filter between them for a makeshift milk strainer. Straining the milk will filter impurities and dirt out. You can't always see the dirt in the milk but it will definitely affect the taste. Also if you have any mastitis it will often show up as flakes in the strainer.

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