To Breed Or Not To Breed


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Mar 13, 2015
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Shadow Hills, CA
This doe is the smallest of the three. She is 80 pounds on the nose at about 18 months, with no set backs in grow out,
At that age, lack of growth, I would sell her. If her not maintaining milk to feed kids what is the point of keeping her???? Occasional bagging without being bred is also not a good situation. That is mastitis begging to happen.
I agree with @farmerjan. You kept all three the triplets, so you have the genetics. Don't bother keeping her. Sell her now and avoid any problems. At 18 months she is not going to put in a big growth spurt. You have her sisters who are bigger and better. A precocious udder usually signals a heavy milker, BUT, with only half her udder doing the precocious freshening bit I would be wondering if she would freshen evenly. You don't want an uneven udder, and with the precocious bit only happening on one side it is possible that she already has had mastitis on the other side. Is her udder soft and pliable on both sides? Just sell her, avoid any hassles or problems, and continue with a better buck for her mother and sisters.

Hay isn't cheap and she isn't paying her way.