Was offered some sheep..

Jennifer Hinkle

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Feb 19, 2018
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Central Oklahoma
I've never raised sheep before, Just pigs, Horses, and Goats.. What are they like? What type of housing do they need? How hardy are they? What should they eat? Should I take them in? I would have to make room for them somewhere in the barn or in with my goats before I could actually make a proper house for them..

I have 4 full sized sheep with my NDG. The biggest problveem for me is that 1) goats need copper and 2) copper will kill sheep (sheep's liver do not process copper, so it will slowly kill them from copper toxicity). I feed a multi species grain and minerals WITHOUT copper, and then supplement the goats with copper. Sheep are very hearty animals. Even hair sheep will get a wooly coat for cold weather that sheds during the spring. Even in the coldest weather, our sheep elect to sleep outside. Goats are friendlier, cuter, and more naughty than sheep -- overall they have more personality. If not hair sheep, you will have to arrange for shearing once or twice a year. If decent quality wool, you should be able to sell their fleece and recoup some of your feed costs.

Sheep will spook if you raise your hands above their head -- like if you go to pet them on the top of their head. Make friends with sheep by scratching their chins.
All of my hair sheep sleep outside of their house even though they have a perfectly good house. We had freezing rain and sleet the other day and they were still outside. Now if it rains they will go in the house and sleep. Sometimes I think they are crazy.....but I love them:love