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Aug 31, 2011
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Griswold, CT
I just finished completing an experiment on the weight vs cost for finishing off the rabbits. We had 2 litters born on the same day.
Litter 1 - New Zealand doe, American Chinchilla buck. 10 born, 8 survived.
Litter 2 - 92% American Chinchilla doe, New Zealand mix buck. 8 born, 8 survived (first litter for the doe).

There was not significant difference in weight between the 2 litters at harvest. Both litters were fed the same amount of feed and hay. Both litters were weaned at 7 weeks.

At 11.5 weeks, both litters were averaging 5lbs live weight. At that point, I harvested 4 from each litter. The average packaged weight was 2.5lbs (50% conversion). We then waited 19 days and harvested the remaining 4 from each litter. At 14 weeks, the average packaged weight was 3.25 lbs. During the additional 19 days, the 8 rabbits consumed 2 bags of feed (100 lbs).

The feed is $15/50lbs. We sell the meat for $5.75/lb. Therefore, it cost us $30 to raise the rabbits 19 more days and we gained $34.50 in meat value. So, $4.50 profit to raise them 2.5 more weeks.

The 14 week old rabbits were harder to skin. Based on the lack of additional profit, I don't see a reason to raise them past 5lbs live weight. Additionally, at 14 weeks, the bucks were starting to try and breed their sisters in the litter.


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Oct 25, 2012
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Once again, thank you for sharing your information. It sure is helpful to those of us who haven't gotten into the meaties for very long yet. I know I am going to have way more than my family will eat this year and I wanted to know at what age it is best to process and sell off my extras. Of course, I will sell them live and then butcher them if that is what the buyer wants ;)

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