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    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    I'm so glad that you're alright and fingers crossed that your eye will be good as new after the surgery :hugs:fl Face-down for that long? Sounds awful! I'm the same way, i can't even lay on my stomach without my back and my whole body hurting. I found that rolling up a towel/blanket or a pillow...
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    Middle of the mitten

    Those are great breeds :)
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    Previously sweet buck turned into demon-bunny overnight ???

    That's interesting! Thank you, i appreciate any help i can get right now. I hope he hasn't just switched on me though. That would be a huge bummer :(
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    Previously sweet buck turned into demon-bunny overnight ???

    I've seen does that aggressive but never had a buck like this either! He is in a 24x24 cage. Same size as most of my others. I've had him for about 8 months now and never had an issue with him being aggressive until now. If that was his personality, you don't think he would've been acting like...
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    WOW. They make you work for it.

    Welcome to BYH from Tennessee!!! Always happy to see a new rabbit-raiser here ;)
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    MtViking- A little piece of paradise.

    Hoping for the best! She may just be a wonderful mama :)
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    Larsen Poultry Ranch - homesteading journey

    Yay! Congratulations! :love:celebrate
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Barb is in my thoughts and prayers. Really hoping for the best for her :fl:hugs
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    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    Oh no! :hugs You are in my thoughts :hugs I hope more than anything that you are alright and that you don't lose your vision. Please keep us updated.
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    AmberLops Rabbitry Journal

    I don't even use the Gmail App...but if i click on it, i'm already signed in. And the same thing happens when i try to go to the gmail website, or click on gmail login from the sends me straight into my gmail account :confused:
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    AmberLops Rabbitry Journal

    I know...these Lionheads are something else :\ Luna is pretty crazy when it comes to her kits too. If i take 1 kit out of her cage for more than a few minutes, she will reject the whole litter. She did that with her 2nd and 3rd litter. This time i left them in with her until they were 4 1/2...
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    No fall off, possible to be pregnant?

    I've had that same problem before...When i don't see a fall-off but the doe lifted, i always write in on my clipboard just in case. i HAVE had does be bred with no fall-off that had litters a month later. It's best to write the breeding down anyways. Keep putting the doe in with him. When my...
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    Silver Fox kits born last night! Need to fatten momma back up!

    They adorable! They all look fine to me too. It's normal to have weight variations in litters. Some of my does will have 5 kits, 3 will be huge and fat and 2 will be scrawny and thin for a few weeks until they catch up. I never worry too much about it ;)
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    Middle of the mitten

    Welcome to BYH from Tennessee!! :welcome:frow What kind of rabbits do you raise? I have Holland Lops and Lionheads
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    Previously sweet buck turned into demon-bunny overnight ???

    That's a great idea! Thank you, i'll try that for sure :)