1. MamaBlu

    2yo male Pyr suddenly attacking goats!!! Need help/advice

    Hi I am new here but I am having the worst problem with my Pyr, he is 2 and is not neutered. In Feb of this year we had a terrible tradgedy, we had a double barn fire that killed all but 3 of my goats (14 died) and my daughters calf died as well. We moved to a new farm and everything seemed...
  2. A

    Goatherd in Upstate NY Says Hi & Thanks!

    Hi All! I live and work on a goat & sheep dairy - along with milking, I work primarily with kids, lambs, and LGD pups. Our herd is mixed breed - we've got pretty much one of everything as far as goats go - and the small flock of sheep (~70) is East Friesian. We also have a sanctuary for infirm...
  3. P


    I am interested in getting a microscope and doing fecals for my small flocks of sheep (11) and goats (12). I have done some research of the process but when I look at the available microscopes I am overwhelmed by the many choices. They all seem about the same. I like the ones that can be viewed...
  4. Latestarter

    OK Folks, You heard it here first!

    http://killeen.craigslist.org/grd/5285838025.html Edit: Since the ad will eventually cease to exist, here it is: LaMacho Goats (Bertram, TX) I have 1 purebred female LaMacho Goat, 1 half breed Lamacho goat and two yearling purebred males. Please call and let's discuss price. I will send...
  5. SchönFarbe


    I want to create a new goat breed. crossing 2 meat breeds and 3 dairy breeds. is there any way i can ensure that they are the size and meet quantity of a meat goat and still have the milk production of a dairy goat. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  6. BlessedWithGoats

    Will milking once a day decrease milk production?

    I've been milking my goats twice a day, but as winter is coming on, it will be harder on me to do that... if I start milking them only once a day, will their milk production decrease? Thanks!
  7. totesmcgoats

    Electric fencing for newbies

    Hi all, We have a ND doe (possibly pregnant) and 2 ND wethers. The doe is 18 months old and the wethers are 5 months. We have a permanent fence up for them, but we primarily got them for brush control and I have some questions about electric fencing. Mainly, what are your best tips for...
  8. totesmcgoats

    Hello from Cincinnati!

    Hello there! My family and I recently waded in to the world of Nigerian dwarf goats. We have an 18 month old doe and 5 month old wether brothers. We are having a blast. We also keep chickens and have about 5 acres in the middle of Cincinnati. If you live in the area, give a shout - I'd love...