1. Goat Whisperer

    Keep that baling twine away from your critters!!

    ****Graphic pic/video below***** I put this in the goat section because it get the most traffic. This goes for ALL animals, not just goats. This twine, although useful, is very dangerous and can KILL your animals. Please do not leave twine on the hay you feed and make sure to pick up any loose...
  2. SchönFarbe

    Taming my new buck. HELP!

    Ok I just resently acquired a year and a half old boar buck who hasn't been around people much and has lived in a 10 x 20 foot pen all of his life. He is huge probably 200 lbs at least. He is pretty wild and I'm nervous to be around him being as I only weigh 110 lbs. So how do I tame and control...
  3. M

    Help me learn...

    hey all! Just moved to our first little homestead in August... Have chickens now and plan to add meat rabbits in Spring. Currently we are still technically in city limits though we have acreage, but it prevents us from having "livestock". However We have a friends with alpacas on 40 acres who...
  4. mandi224

    Affordable goat fencing options?

    We have just over 3.5 acres on our new little homestead and ultimately we're hoping to keep 2 or 3 Nigerian Dwarf does. The breeder we've been talking to just let us know she has a doe due Jan. 8 that she *may* be willing to sell WITH her kids. So now I'm scrambling to get everything ready just...
  5. CapraCurry

    ADGA Registration Help!!!

    Hello! I'm very new to this community so please bear with me and my ignorance! I finally went to go visit the little Nigerian Dwarf doeling that will begin my little herd and I'll be taking her home next week! Very, very cute! I'm in the FFA and I share the land with my lifelong friend who will...
  6. MamaBlu

    2yo male Pyr suddenly attacking goats!!! Need help/advice

    Hi I am new here but I am having the worst problem with my Pyr, he is 2 and is not neutered. In Feb of this year we had a terrible tradgedy, we had a double barn fire that killed all but 3 of my goats (14 died) and my daughters calf died as well. We moved to a new farm and everything seemed...
  7. A

    Goatherd in Upstate NY Says Hi & Thanks!

    Hi All! I live and work on a goat & sheep dairy - along with milking, I work primarily with kids, lambs, and LGD pups. Our herd is mixed breed - we've got pretty much one of everything as far as goats go - and the small flock of sheep (~70) is East Friesian. We also have a sanctuary for infirm...
  8. P


    I am interested in getting a microscope and doing fecals for my small flocks of sheep (11) and goats (12). I have done some research of the process but when I look at the available microscopes I am overwhelmed by the many choices. They all seem about the same. I like the ones that can be viewed...
  9. Latestarter

    OK Folks, You heard it here first!

    http://killeen.craigslist.org/grd/5285838025.html Edit: Since the ad will eventually cease to exist, here it is: LaMacho Goats (Bertram, TX) I have 1 purebred female LaMacho Goat, 1 half breed Lamacho goat and two yearling purebred males. Please call and let's discuss price. I will send...
  10. SchönFarbe


    I want to create a new goat breed. crossing 2 meat breeds and 3 dairy breeds. is there any way i can ensure that they are the size and meet quantity of a meat goat and still have the milk production of a dairy goat. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  11. BlessedWithGoats

    Will milking once a day decrease milk production?

    I've been milking my goats twice a day, but as winter is coming on, it will be harder on me to do that... if I start milking them only once a day, will their milk production decrease? Thanks!
  12. totesmcgoats

    Electric fencing for newbies

    Hi all, We have a ND doe (possibly pregnant) and 2 ND wethers. The doe is 18 months old and the wethers are 5 months. We have a permanent fence up for them, but we primarily got them for brush control and I have some questions about electric fencing. Mainly, what are your best tips for...
  13. totesmcgoats

    Hello from Cincinnati!

    Hello there! My family and I recently waded in to the world of Nigerian dwarf goats. We have an 18 month old doe and 5 month old wether brothers. We are having a blast. We also keep chickens and have about 5 acres in the middle of Cincinnati. If you live in the area, give a shout - I'd love...