1. S

    Few questions about Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    Hello all! I’m new here and ready to learn about goats. Specifically Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I’m hoping to get 2-3 wethers in the fall or spring. I would do it tomorrow but it’s going to take some time to get everything built. We don’t have a ton of land- just 2 acres and some of it is woods. I...
  2. HerdQueen

    Is it true?

    Hi guys and gals! So I am a big skeptic of online information because most of it I find is untrue! I prefer to get real goat owners oppinions. My two does kidded last spring and the kids were weined and sold off at the appropriate time. We kept the girls in milk and will continue to throughout...
  3. A

    Breeding spotted goats

    Are there any complications that can come from breeding two spotted goats together? Specifically Nigerian Dwarfs.
  4. L

    Happy New Member

    I am excited to join other farm and animal lovers. I love farm life and enjoy all of the animals and birds that live here. I believe a person has to have a passion for farm life and for farm animals. Our latest addition is 2 Brown Swiss milk cows! They are like Big Puppy Dogs!
  5. Rustic Green Acres

    How do you tell the difference between Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy?

    Newbie mini goat owner here. I am trying to figure out if my goats are Nigerian dwarf or pygmy? They where sold as Nigerian. But upon seeing some Nigerians, mine seem very stocky. It doesn't really matter what they are, I just want to know what I am looking at.
  6. goatbarn25

    Do you think my goats got bred?

    I have a mini Alpine buckling, who is about two months old. I have kept him separate from my does so that he doesn't breed them, because I have heard that bucks can breed at 6 weeks of age. Last night he somehow got out of his cage, and in with 2 of my Nigerian Dwarf 1 year old does. I did not...
  7. C

    Asking some questions...

    Hi! I am hoping to start a small herd of dairy goats, and i have a few questions. 1. From everything that i have read, i have decided that Nigerian Dwarf goats would best fit my situation. Does anyone have any experience with these? does their milk taste good? How much milk will they give? 2...
  8. M

    Goat balls on the small side??

    Hi all! Long time page lurker, first time member/poster! 😂 Thoughts on this 9 month old buckling? His testicles are almost non-existent. I reached out to the breeder for help, as this is my first time breeding, and shared a picture of one of hers about the same age. My guy doesn’t even...
  9. 2

    Pygmy x ND Cross?

  10. BlueRoanPainted

    Pricing new goats

    My Grandparents-in-law have a neighbor who has goats that get on their rental feilds all the time and eat their crops (pesticides and all) this neighbor has been warned and it's come down to her rehoming them or they are going to sue for damages, because she refuses to repair her fencing and...
  11. Rustic Green Acres

    What breed of goats do I have?!

    I got some goats this summer and I haven't been able to figure out what breed they are. White one is the grandma Black one is the daughter/mom Little black & white one is the brother, he has quite long hair. Little black & brown one is the sister
  12. D

    ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Herd - PA, MD, VA

    7 Nigerian Dwarf does for sale. 2 yearlings and 5 bred does (ages from 2-5yrs). Clean tested herd. Very friendly, come when called, stand for milking and hoof trims, used to livestock guardian dogs, trained to electric fence. Will sell all together or split. Would make great starter herd for...
  13. Kalimak

    Purebred Nubian buck available

    Purebred Nubian buck available in royal palm beach Florida. 10 months old. CDT up to date. He’s from Blissberry and J&M Hideaway lines. His mom milks a gallon a day. Strong and healthy. Colored white and mocha.
  14. goatbarn25

    Goat Injury

    My goats are in the barn for the winter, and today they made a mess of their stall, they must have gotten really bored, they started tearing apart the fencing between their stall on another one of my does. When I went to milk this evening, one of my does face is scratched up, one of her eyes is...
  15. goatbarn25

    Why is my goat scratching his nose so bad a ripping all of the fur off of it?

    My billy goat just started loosing hair on his nose one day...it was the area between his eyes and nose, now, some hair is growing back, but the main area between his nose and eyes still has no hair. My mom said that he is probably scratching his nose, because there is something itching it. I...
  16. Rustic Green Acres

    First time goat owner

    We are going to be getting 2 young Nubian cross goats, around 2 months old. This is our first time getting goats, have had lots of animal just never goats. What are some key things to be aware of? we are thinking of putting them on a grassy patch, do we need to worry about over grazing? What...
  17. newgoatiemom

    Goat Banding smells bad

    Hi All, I have two 4 month Nigerian goat bucklings that I banded about 4 days ago. All was going well, balls were starting to shrink, until today they both started smelling horrible! Like death. I checked the bands and everything looks normal. No swelling, oozing or redness. I did not see any...
  18. A

    To shave or not to shave?

    Hi everyone, I am new to goats and am wondering if i should shave my two NDs a little to help them beat the heat. I realize their hair protects from the sun and flies but i live in Missouri and right now the temps are rising above 100 degrees. They shed their under coat this May but i didn't...
  19. Rustic Green Acres

    Price for goats?

    Hi, I am new to the goat world. I am wanting to get some goats soon here. what is a good price for them? I have someone local who is selling a 2y old saanen x boar doe and her 2 kid bucks, all for $650 is that a fair price?
  20. B

    Is it normal for goats horns to move or snap ?

    Hello I hope you could help me as I feel absolutely horrendous that one of my goats is hurt. I have two 6 month old girls they have moved into a new stable and I think it’s a bit dusty so they have runny noses so before I moved them I needed to wipe their noses. when I got hold of one of the...