1. A

    Goats and Turkeys sharing pasture?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to turkeys and goats but I'm playing around with the idea of having them share pasture. I know housing chickens and turkeys together can come with its own challenges, such as them sharing diseases, especially Histomoniasis/Blackhead. Then I had this idea that perhaps I could...
  2. thylacinu

    Future Herder in KS

    Hey y'all, I don't own anything other than cats and dogs right now, but I'm saving up my money to get a house with some acreage in the next couple of years or so and to keep some a couple of donkeys and/or mules as companion animals as well as a small flock of chickens and maybe a few other...
  3. A

    Trees and Goats

    Hi all, I'm planning my property for when I buy goats (hopefully next year). I'm planning on using a two pasture rotation method but the area I'm planning on using is without shade. I'm thinking of planting some trees but want to use something the goats could eat. I have a lot of Junipers on...
  4. G

    Best sites to sell goats (Northeast)

    Hello! Just had a boatload of kids (diary goats) and looking for the best sites to sell them. Live in Vermont, so looking for sites that cater to this area or can be searchable by location. Any thoughts? TIA!
  5. Ashley Wasinger

    New baby goat and mini donkey foal

    Just recently acquired a 4 month old mini donkey and a 4 and a half month old Nigerian dwarf goat. I have so many questions and need all the advice I can get!
  6. rachels.haven

    Microscope for Doing Fecals

    What would be a good microscope for doing fecals? I'd welcome recommendations. What about either of these? https://www.amazon.com/Koolertron-Microscope-Magnification-Adjustable-Rechargeable/dp/B07FRRTD9L/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=10x+microscope&qid=1560209279&s=gateway&sr=8-3#customerReviews This...
  7. seachick

    Planning our pasture... soggy area in woods OK?

    Hello, We live on a small <1 acre lot in the suburbs and are getting 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. We plan to fence in a part of our grassy lawn that is about 1000 square feet for them, but it has no shrubs or trees. We DO have a big chunk of wooded area that we could fence, but it's pretty soggy. In...
  8. Rachelmariexx

    Down goat

    Hi! I just joined! My problem is with Jack who I’ve owned since he was 2 days old he’s now 11 years old. He’s been down 12 days. Only symptoms week back end and turned under ankles. No other neurological Symptoms was literally fine the day before. No twitching, circling etc Fecal showed low...
  9. J


    I have a doe and two kids (about a 6 weeks old). A few days ago one kid looked like she had the beginning of orf around her mouth (blister- not scab). Now it looks like the other kid has one spot and the doe and a few on her udder. But, we have never had orf so I am wondering if there is...
  10. C

    New Goat Mom in Need of Advice

    Hi all! My name is Michelle and I’m new to Backyard Herds. I’ve also just recently became the head of a small goat herd. We have a mature billy and just bought a couple of bucklings as well. The mature billy has started a weird snorting sound and is “biting” (quickly licking and snipping at...
  11. M

    75% Nigerian 25% Pygmy

    We are considering buying a purebred Nigerian dwarf female who has been exposed to a buck who is half Nigerian half Pygmy. We are interested in goats for milk. We figure the offspring would still be good milkers, but maybe stockier. Anyone experience this cross before? Thanks!
  12. Angeliki Manouselis

    Should I be concerned

    That a set of twins born 2/26 from a doe with really low hanging udders that they have a really hard time latching on aren't getting enough milk? The doe won't let me try to milk her to see, she has really weird udders too... I rescued her and wasn't going to breed her because i think she's kind...
  13. courtney painter

    Help with newborn goats

    My goat just had two little babies 3 hours ago. After she birth them, she isn’t cleaning them or fooling with them. The one is up all over the place and the other is laying on the ground. Should I clean them with towel or just give her more time to clean them?
  14. D

    My goats stomache is shacking/pulsing

    Ok so we got two 1 moth old boy goats yesterday and have only had them for about a day and we noticed that there stomach is pulsing kinda like heavy breathing but we are not sure why and at points they will start to shake from there stomach and back . We checked there temp and they are normal...
  15. Rosetta

    Update on Rosie

    After admitting her to the hospital for the weekend due to a case of acidosis, (she can't breathe out enough carbon dioxide) we went to see her today, and she had to be put down. Her temperature dropped and her body was shutting down. There weregas bubbles in her abdomen and fluid outside her...
  16. Rosetta

    Goat falling asleepwhen bottle feeding!!!

    Help! My baby goat keeps falling asleep when I go to feed her. Then the bottle leaks everywhere and I don't know if shes eating anything at all. Or just making a mess. Tips?
  17. Rosetta

    Trouble bottle feeding

    I have a new baby goat, she's a board/Nubian cross, and she's about two weeks old. (Her name's Rosetta) I tried bottle feeding her for the first time, (I know it doesn't always work the first the first time) and she would only take it from the side of her mouth. She wouldn't suck it, just chew...
  18. P

    Can I wean my wethers and doe off of grain?

    I have 5 wethers and 1 doe, ranging from 2-5 years old. I got 4 out of 6 of them when they were 8 weeks old, and the other two I got when they were just a day or two old as bottle babies. Ever since I got them from their breeder's, I have been told to keep them on grain. Lately, I just feel like...
  19. Rancer

    Life is amazing out in Palisades WA

  20. M

    Should my baby goats be getting bigger around the tummy?

    I have two female goats both 3 and a half weeks, they were neglected by their mum and we have to bottle feed them. They are getting a bit rounder around their tummy’s but not anywhere else, am I feeding them two much (3 times a day with a small coke bottle) and what can I do if I am feeding them...