1. 2

    Hay and Grain: Opinions Needed!

  2. shepherdO

    Reed Canary Grass Hay - any experience?

    I need a few more bales of hay stored up to get me through the winter as I have more stock this year. Anyhoo, there's a good deal on some local hay around my way - it's 'reed canary grass hay'. Any experience with this? Apparently some varieties can be high in alkaloids and prompt staggers...
  3. shepherdO

    To Mow or Not to Mow - Input needed!

    Question re: leaving standing grass in the winter. Should I be mowing what's left of the grass, maybe just before the first snows, or leaving it standing? Ie, if the sheep aren't going to eat the tall yellowed grass, is it better to mow it down when/before the snow comes, so that there's...
  4. shepherdO

    Rate my Field/Grass quality

    I have my sheep in 2 separate fields at the moment, and am not sure if/when I need to start supplementing them with (eg) additional hay/grain, etc. I plan to breed a bunch of them in about a month, so I know I need to flush them - I've already started with a bit of grain supplementation, and a...
  5. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    leasing my land for hay -- suggested contract details needed

    All, I am to the point now where I think I want to lease about 80 acres of my pasture land to someone else for them to bale hay. I have read through a number of threads on this forum, including the many wonderful responses I received for my very first thread "what do I do with 100 acres of...
  6. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    what do I do with 100 acres of pasture?

    My wife and I recently bought a farm in western Arkansas w/ 162 acres, ~100 in pasture. We currently do not have any farm equipment other than a used John Deere Gator. The previous owner grew hay on about 90 acres of the pasture, but for our first cutting this late spring we got less than 1...
  7. CrockpotGodess

    Hay loft questions, windows/vents

    We are getting two mini's end of March. We are building a gambrel roofed shed w loft so we can store hay. We have not settled on the size yet. We looked at a 10 by 12 w a loft approx 1/3 the floor space of the shed. We thought we would make the loft larger, maybe L shaped for more storage...
  8. Dwarfgoatnoob


    I recently bought a Nigerian dwarf goat and he barely eats the hay we got for him. I looked it up and it said he could eat Timothy grass but he doesn’t seem to like it. We might try and bring him to a supply store and see what he likes.im worried about him someone help
  9. H

    I'm I feeding too much alfalfa hay too fast?

    My horse normally gets 2 flakes of coastal hay per day. As a Christmas surprise, I bought some green alfalfa for her & the chickens. The flakes feel very heavy & as I gave the horse her evening flake, I started wondering if this is a bad idea to just switch so quickly. Now I'm worried. Should I...
  10. G

    Hay for goats

    I have 3 goats, they eat 4lbs a day how many square bales of hay do I need for winter approx 6 months
  11. G

    New goat momma has questions.

    Hey, I am getting my 2 nigerian dwarf wethers this weekend. I already have a pen off to the side of the yard for my chickens. It is pretty big, so I built the goats a shelter on the opposite end of the chicken coop. The goats will be let out of the pen every morning. Most mornings I will leave...
  12. newton the goat

    is alfalfa bad for pregnant goats?

    My grandfather has been searching online and has read multiple posts saying that giving alfalfa to a pregnant goat or a goat who recently kidded will only cause negative affects. Is this true? The only hay we have has a high alfalfa percentage which both our goat and sheep love. Will it only...
  13. Marie28

    Finding better hay.

    So right now we have a large amount of Timothy hay we bought from farm and fleet. Both bucks refuse to eat any of the small pieces and it seems that more than half of it is to small to interest them. Should I expect this from all hay bought in a store? Would we have better luck buying from a...
  14. Ferguson K

    Just got my hands on some gorgeous alfalfa

    We have been buying 70 pound bales from the co-op in Bryan for $20. With winter coming the girls are eating a little bit more and it's a lot harder to get out there in the mud in the gunk to fill up the Hay feeders. After researching and asking around I came across this gentleman who has 3 foot...
  15. BlessedWithGoats

    Round bales

    Hello BYH-ers! I'm looking at hay possibilities for the winter and was thinking about round bales... how many bales do you think would be needed to last from Oct-May for medium and large sized goats? About 15 goats? We have pretty cold winters here too. Thanks! BWG
  16. arms319

    DIY Hay Feeder

    Check out this little round bale feeder I made up today. We shall see how well it works.
  17. Goat Whisperer

    Keep that baling twine away from your critters!!

    ****Graphic pic/video below***** I put this in the goat section because it get the most traffic. This goes for ALL animals, not just goats. This twine, although useful, is very dangerous and can KILL your animals. Please do not leave twine on the hay you feed and make sure to pick up any loose...
  18. T

    First Miniature Donkey - feeding questions

    Hi everyone! We just brought home our first mini donk last night. He is 6 month old and a real sweet boy. I live in SW FL and the 1 acre pasture he is in does not have much grass for him to forage on. I have a lot of trees and they shade out grass, plus our sandy soil doesn't grow much anyway...
  19. Ninjafarmer

    Choosing the right hay

    Truly impressed by this site and content so far! Brand new farmer here. Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd/family of 4. Kids born in April. Mom, 1 doe, 2 wethers. Planning to milk and maybe breed this fall. I've seen good posts on how much hay, but how do I chose from the different hay available...