1. Kalimak

    Purebred Nubian buck available

    Purebred Nubian buck available in royal palm beach Florida. 10 months old. CDT up to date. He’s from Blissberry and J&M Hideaway lines. His mom milks a gallon a day. Strong and healthy. Colored white and mocha.
  2. A

    Baby goat with caved in or crooked leg?

    I have a baby goat that was born today. She is a nubian and was born with 2 other bucklings. I noticed that her leg seems to bow inward. I suspect it might be selenium deficiency. The other two kids look normal and healthy. She is also the smallest of the trio. Is this something that will...
  3. D&E_Creamery

    New to the Goat Life

    Hey! New to Goats over here! I was just given a Kiko/Nubian doe. I'm looking to purchase several more goats this spring with the intent of creating a small dairy for family and friend use. Raw milk sales are illegal in the state where I reside and pasteurized milk must be inspected even when...
  4. G

    Nubian doe not gaining weight and limping

    I have a Nubian doe who is about 5-6 years old. She has never had any kids and stays in a large fenced area with 2 part-Boer twin sisters who are about her age. She has always been thinner than them, which I believe is normal. Recently, she has lost quite a bit of weight and is pretty much skin...
  5. A

    Nubian kid with goiter?

    I have a 3 month old Nubian buckling who was weaned at 8 weeks. We have noticed a large lump around the area where the neck meets the chin. It is soft, not hard. He doesnt seem to be sick or anything, he acts normal. Could it be a milk goiter? Is it possible that this could occur with a kid that...
  6. K

    Feeding goats

    Hi guys! I will soon be getting a Saanen/ND doe and a Nubian doe, both 8 wks old. I have been looking for information on feeding, and haven't found any non-confusing answers! These are my questions.... try your best to answer... sorry I'm scatter brained... -I will be putting them on Dumor Goat...
  7. A

    Buying my first registered goat

    Hi everyone, I am going to be buying a registrable Nubian buckling soon (ADGA) to keep as a breeding buck. We currently only have unregistered Nubians so this will be our first ever registered goat. We plan on eventually getting some registered does and may sell the unregistered ones if we see...
  8. Kalimak

    I don't know what I'm looking at here - Please advise

    Hi all, What is this above her anus? She's 9 months old - half ND half Nubian.
  9. MonicaB

    OK - Nubian doelings and buckling for sale

    We have four full-blooded Nubian kids for sale. Two intact bucklings and two doelings. $200 each. Cash only. Born April 6, 2019. All have been disbudded. No shots/immunization received other than CDT at time of disbudding (required by vet). Raised organically (not certified). Wormed...
  10. Carla D

    Wanted in west central Wisc. Rabbits and goats

    GOATS: Im looking for some nice and young Alpine Goats, 3-4 does and one buck. The younger the better. I would also love to find some Nubian goats. But, I think I’m dreaming. I’m willing to pay for them. But not $200-300 per doe and not a lot for my buck either. Doesn’t need to be registered...
  11. Feo

    Goat under 29 inches. Can I show?

    Hey i just got a Nubian... a year and a half old... and I was wondering if she has to be 29 inches to show? She is currently an inch or two short. If not, can she be show as a mini? Thanks
  12. J

    Would You Wait?

    I have an almost year-old Nubian doeling. And a buckling born March 28. We would like to breed them together and were planning on waiting until next year so he could have a chance to grow more and just find a different buck for her this season. But we are now moving across the country before...
  13. BlessedBGoats

    All I need is coffee and my goats!

    New to owning goats, but it has been on my system since I was a kid (pun intended). We have three goats and have owned them for about a month. One is a Nigerian Dwarf doe and her doeling kid. Our ND was accidentally bred with a Saanen and she had twins! But luckily she did fine. Doeling is 4...
  14. Thatdaywewokeupasfarmers

    Lost Two Goats In a Month

    The only thing I asked for this Christmas was a goat. I already had two Alpines does that I loved, but I've always been fond of those big floppy ears on a Nubian. After months of researching, I finally found what seemed like the perfect girl. She was gorgeous, the right price, registered, and...
  15. chickchick

    New gal on the block, new to Nigerian Goat Herds too!

    Hi everyone! I'm an avid forum reader but never posted questions before. It will be nice to have friendly advice to help me be a good momma for my new goats. Soon to be midwife! I have an situation I would love advice on, I'll post a new thread. Nigerian dwarf doe accidentally bred...
  16. Ferguson K

    Ferguson K's kidding thread! - Morgan's turn

    Here we may have a little more fun. All of the does are expecting and I have no idea when!!! I'm a bad mom. I've been busy and didn't hand breed. The boys were introduced to the girls in early October. Early October for Prudence, Lilly, and Poppy. Late October for Aelia, Miss Red, Karma, and...
  17. SchönFarbe


    I want to create a new goat breed. crossing 2 meat breeds and 3 dairy breeds. is there any way i can ensure that they are the size and meet quantity of a meat goat and still have the milk production of a dairy goat. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  18. Sage Albright

    Help with breed

    Hello everyone! I've posted a few threads over the past week and I have learned so much already from this site! We currently have two goats. I'm not 100% sure of the breed of my older goat. The people at the auction said Nubian and then someone else told me he is a "mini Nubian". I'm wondering...