Desperately need help after lambing, overesting disease, 1st delivery moms

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Overrun with beasties
Dec 26, 2023
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Newark Texas
I don’t even know what to say. Words of comfort cannot come. I’m just so sorry.
Well thank you. Everything happens they say happens for a reason. In this case it's hard to imagine any reason whatsoever for what took place but at same time we're not supposed to question those reasons. Only our creator of all knows those answers. I'll be at peace with that & with all the other encouragements I've recieved from everyone in Backyard Herd community. I'm truly grateful for each & everyone of you. The help you provided me on behalf of the sheep will never be forgotten. Saying thank you isn't really enough. I hope you realize your value & importance of just your knowledge but more your willingness to provide assistance for the well-being of animals in general but also for their caretaker as well namely...
My misfits & I. So thank you from bottom of my heart for everything you've done for us over this past 3 months.

I intend on remaining a member of backyard herds community to follow along with the stories & new additions to your families, flocks & herds.

Now that sheep are on their way, my dog, "C.J." & I will be as well. I've always intended to move on after property sold but wouldn't leave sheep behind with no one to care for them. My task with them is done. So now I'll be focused on putting my "on hold life" back together starting with health, home. Heres a few pics of them just before they left. 20240220_095837.jpg20240220_095202.jpg20240220_094040.jpg20240220_093059.jpg20240220_091519.jpg20240220_091320.jpg20240220_091349.jpg20240220_091945.jpg20240220_092040.jpg20240220_093257.jpg