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Aug 29, 2012
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South Eastern VA
Do you love your diary cow? We sure love and enjoy ours.we love the raw milk too! So good for our health!
When I first got her my intention was to go all-in on the dairy cow train. But I didn't have a great setup & life got complicated....
I milked 2x daily for about 4 months the first freshening. And was overwhelmed with the constant processing of milk & cleaning of milking equipment.
The next couple of times I found that I had more time... but still didn't have a good setup.
I love her DEARLY & she will have a forever home here. But unless I can get a milking setup that let's me feel really confident about it, I may not breed get again.
.... but then.... I DO always seem to take on some large task every January, soooo maybe a dedicated milking area could possibly happen 🤔

How about you?? What kind of setup do you have? How do you use the milk?