Help solve the Great Katahdin Mystery of 2019

Don & Sandy

Overrun with beasties
Feb 3, 2019
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Southeast Missouri
Well, the mystery has been solved. Last night Patty the yearling delivered a huge 12 lb eweling after about 2hours later total, but after examining Nibbles and not being able to identify anything inside, I went to sleep and said 'to heck with it all!'

I skipped my 3AM check, and arrived at 6:30 to find quads up and walking around! Nibbles is being great trying to look after them all - I'll post pics shortly, but they are beautiful little lambs colouring-wise!

2 rams (one 'big'(ger) white, one brown) and 2 ewes, also one of each colour, but TINY!

Syringed about 70ml of colostrum into the two smallest, as well as some into the others (glad I milked out my other ewes!) and I'm about to start bottle-supplementing colostrum in a second or two.

I'm not sure how to tackle this, but I think I'll leave all 4 with her and supplement a couple times per day, as she's super skinny and won't be able to feed them, despite her huge udder (which actually doesn't seem to be producing much milk...)

Anyhoo, super stoked she had 4 without assistance - now to keep them all alive!View attachment 59655
Congratulations! We had 7 sets of twins this year and had to bottle feed supplement two of them. I can’t imagine how small four are.

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