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May 11, 2017
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Sonoma County, California
Premier 1 electric goat fence

Not cheap but a 164' roll costs the same as just two 16' goat panels at TSC, you might need 2 rolls for the number of goats you have. The solar energizer will be another 3-4 panels equivalent. If you go this route pay the extra $20 for the double spike posts.

This is much easier to move than a goat panel fence since you only need T-posts on the corners because the stepin posts the net is connected to need to pull back to a sturdy post at those points. Premier1 has a "FiberTuff" post that can be used on corners.
Second that recommendation! I have the premier1 poultry fencing for my sheep, with driveable posts and pos/neg option (to get a shock going in our super dry summer soil). Get some extra fibertuff posts if your terrain isn’t completely flat and straight, helps to keep fence from sagging, lets you make extra turns between fence posts and keeps the fence taut through corners.

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