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Jun 27, 2017
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Capital Region NY
Dear @Senile_Texas_Aggie , I will try to post more often, even if it's the most boring and mundane stuff. ;)

No "hang out and do whatever as long as you don't get in trouble" camp for him
Dear @Bruce , he will be "attending" that kind of camp as well. He will be staying home most summer with DH. Things will change when DH finds a job, but for now the boy will be staying home. I talked to my boy about spending his time for the summer. He won't have a schedule to follow but there will be things that he's required to do for the day, such as read for a certain amount of time, practice his taekwondo moves, math sheets but for the most part "hang out and do whatever as long as you don't get in trouble".

Since you posted, I guess I'll let you off easy this time. but be warned, there are more Aggie jokes where those came from!
Oh thank you @Baymule !:p But when I want to hear more Aggie jokes, I'd be sure not to post here for a while. :plbb