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Nov 18, 2019
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Idaho panhandle 48th parallel
You might have just answered your own question as to why the dog is moving the horse. She feels it's her job to get her moving when your not home or out in the yard. Is the dog always present while you do ground work? Have you changed the frequency of time spent on ground work? I don't think anything is wrong with the dog? I think she is intelligent and thinks the horse needs to be moving.

She is intelligent, which is why she chooses to do it when I'm not there to catch her.
I haven't been doing as much ground work since I've started riding Syringa, but Wren did this on infrequent occasions when I was working her daily.
She was "present" in that she was not in the run and loose on the property, but the dogs aren't allowed in the roundpen when I'm working.
She shows zero interest in Syringa otherwise, no observation, or herd stare, no slinking around the perimeter. Nothing. And when we go on a group walk with the horse and dogs are free to run around and sniff there is no following behind the horse or any sort of action that would be seen as her attempting to work or help.

Whatever the reason, I know how to keep it from happening, and that is to keep Wren from being able to access the horse corrals when I'm not home.
Not a big deal in the long view I suppose, nobody has been hurt and I'm going to keep it that way. Just annoying.