Weird bug bites/stings on my hands


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Mar 13, 2015
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Shadow Hills, CA
The big question is why don't they make real work gloves for women?!! All I can ever find are the cutesie ones out of fabric with flowers and bugs printed on them. Basically useless - and fit even worse than the men's gloves!!
Best fitting gloves for women are riding gloves but they are more expensive. I used to buy leather riding gloves when I was riding a lot because otherwise my hands always felt dirty. Also gave me a better grip on the reins and my crop. (Learned to ride in Europe and Ireland so always carry a crop.) I always have several pairs of men's leather gloves around and try never to do any work without wearing gloves. After a lifetime of biting my nails started getting manicures and acrylic on them with gel manicures. Finally, my hands don't look like they have been repairing a meat grinder that was accidently left running! I do lot of work with my hands between carpentry, sheep, etc. and like to protect my hands and nails. I buy several pairs at a time at Lowes and keep them nearby at all times. Occasionally I have to go through the pile of my old gloves and sort out pairs without holes. Only problem is if I take them off in barn to vaccinate and forget them. Dogs love my leather gloves - not only are they leather which is Yummy! but they are salty from sweat. LOL

Same thing with rubber boots. Women’s hit about 3” above the ankle, have a cutesie print on them and tear up in two weeks. They have thin soles that let you feel every rock. I buy men’s boots.
Me too. I earned to wear muck boots in Ireland where they are called Wellingtons - after the Iron Duke. I always buy the sturdiest ones I can find which are the men's. Unfortunately, with the problem I have been having lately with legs swelling, the men's don't always fit in the calf. Last year I found "wide calf" boots at one of the feed stores in Texas and bought them. Love them! I will buy another pair - when I remember what store I bought them at! LOL