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    Growing Goat Kid Age Question

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    Copper Deficiency: Fishtail?

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    Normal Goat Kid Sleep

  4. Legamin

    FDA Regulations for Vets and Sheep Producers - VCPR

    After looking on the FDA web site I am more confused that ever. It seems that by 2023 all farm producers will have no other choice for antibiotics and some NSAIDS for pain control but the Vet…not just any vet but one that has submitted to, been licensed specifically for this purpose by, the...
  5. Rustic Green Acres

    First time goat owner

    We are going to be getting 2 young Nubian cross goats, around 2 months old. This is our first time getting goats, have had lots of animal just never goats. What are some key things to be aware of? we are thinking of putting them on a grassy patch, do we need to worry about over grazing? What...
  6. B

    Coughing still after lungworm treatment

    Hello All my goats are wormed every 3 months with panomec. one of my goats was coughing so I called the vet and we treated him for lungworm we used panomec injection and tested him for lungworm which came back positive and showed another type of worm sorry I can’t remember the name. the vet...
  7. B

    Urinary calculi or bladder infection

    Hello my two year old Boer wether suffered from urinary calculi in January this year. By some miracle he survived emergency surgery where they placed a catheter and put him onto diazepam. He managed after 3 weeks to pass 11 stones. Since then I’ve been incredibly paranoid and watching him...
  8. R

    My goat is vomiting after eating

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a boer goat. She can’t keep her food down and vomits after eating. She had this issue when I bought her. She’ll eat fine but then moves away from the herd and starts vomiting. I gave her some pellet wormer and she coughed up lots of slime. I thought that would...
  9. D and L Meadows

    To vaccinate or not?

    Hey ya'll. I’m going to research this but wanted to make a quick stop here and get your opinion. We have vaccinated for CD&T since 2013 when we lost a 8 weeks old kid. Vet did necropsy and said it could’ve been that. I highly doubt that now, but back then we didn’t know. Anyway, we met our...
  10. G

    Did pine needles lead to diarrhea?

    Hello, I have one fainting goat, Xander, who's sister recently passed away from an unknown illness (bleeding from rectum, would not eat, hardly drank, medicine did not work, died within 3 days) Now Xander has diarrhea. He is still eating and drinking just fine. His eyelids are not pale at all...
  11. Taylormfoster12


    Hello. Today my goat nocked over the box of chicken feed and it spilled all over he started eating I don't know how much he ate but it doesn't seem that he ate alot. He's a 4 month boar goat. I've allready given him Tums gas x and baking soda. I've also pressed on his stummac to release any gas...
  12. Farmer Connie

    Hello from North Central Florida!

    I am happy to be apart of this wonderful site! I have been lurking in the shadows reading threads and such. It is nice to be able to tap into such a site as this and enjoy all the experiences and be able to share a few of mine as well. We have a small hobby farm in Florida where we breed and...
  13. newton the goat

    is alfalfa bad for pregnant goats?

    My grandfather has been searching online and has read multiple posts saying that giving alfalfa to a pregnant goat or a goat who recently kidded will only cause negative affects. Is this true? The only hay we have has a high alfalfa percentage which both our goat and sheep love. Will it only...
  14. newton the goat

    shes not eating????

    Newton has recently started having a dwindling appetite. She's not sick and I can sometimes get her to eat on her own, but as of the past few days she won't touch her feed on her own. I spent most of the other day in her pen with her and saw her food was barely touched all day. Sometimes she...
  15. GAF

    Goat got into grain bin- how do I prevent bloat?

    One of our goats got into the feed bin when I was not looking and ate a ton. How do I prevent bloat? I gave her some baking soda. Should I give vinegar or probiotics? Activated charcoal? oil? Salt? Vitamin B complex? Should I withold water? She did this about 5 minutes ago.
  16. Ferguson K

    Let's talk tattoo guns

    I'm not positive but I'm fairly certain this is the a and style I lost in my moving around these last few years. I'm at a point now that I need another one. https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=30e07468-7b6a-11d5-a192-00b0d0204ae5 Tell me which guns do y'all use? Preferences for...
  17. lynordb

    Greetings from West Tennessee

    Hello, my name is Pastor Lynard Brock, I've had chickens, and now have two 6 mths old twin Nigerian/Pygmy sister goats. I'm new owners, but want my milk and some meat. Looking for other dwarf or small goat owners in my area to meet and learn from, buy sale and trade with. I'm in West Tennessee...