1. KathiPacks

    New here - coming from BYC!

    Hello BYH :frow My name’s Kathi, I go by ‘KathiQuacks’ over on BYC. I figured I might as well go ahead and join here, as I have many more animals than just ducks! I have 3 elder geldings, ages 13, 22, and 23. This is their retirement home :D =D I also have 5 donkeys - 1 gelding, 2 jennies...
  2. BlueRoanPainted

    Pricing a horse for sale

    What would YOU list this horse for? Selling for a friend but we are not sure what a fair price would be to ask. Sorrel thoroughbred mare. Registered, ex racehorse. Papers have secretariat. Has been train on jumping classes and has come up second place at all the events, currently being jumped...
  3. SassyLegacy

    SassyLegacy - Horse journal

    Hey guys join me on my horse journey! First of all I’ll introduce myself and my horses a little more. I have a 11 year old mare named Cactus. She is a very snobby girl but I trust my life with her. I’ve had her for 8 years and I don’t regret a minute of it! Next up is Ringo. He is a 14 year old...
  4. Palomino

    Palomino's Training Journal-Settling In

    Hello from Texas. I know there are quite a few other members in the state! I've been browsing this site for a few years and finally joined. @Baymule, here you go! This journal will be for my miniature horses and their training. I'll update it as we progress. Not too much going on now, as shows...
  5. Bird_Lover_17

    Horse trail riding?

    Just curious, does anyone have any tips for horse trail riding/ horse camping? :)
  6. Bird_Lover_17

    Western Riding

    Hello! If you click on this link, you will get to see my thread (on BYC) when I was thinking about horses. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos on Enlgish and Western riding. As a child, I remember enjoying western more (when I went horseback riding). Anyways, back to the youtube part...
  7. Bird_Lover_17

    Looking into horses

    Hi. I am looking into horses. I have a thread like this on BYC. Other than spending months learning hands-on with horses, I'm wondering what you peeps on BYH have as advice. Thanks! :celebrate
  8. WeegMisty

    Equine and goat supplies to have on hand for any situation

    Hey, everyone! I am excited to eb here and know a bunch about horse I would like to share! First I want to know of the best horse supplies to have on hand of ray horse situation, since we know that horses are accident prone, and reckless! We have the basics covered, Vetrycin, a large bottle of...
  9. guardianoftheherd

    Quick question for other horse people...

    So, last year, I had the opportunity to meet a very handsome quarter horse gelding named 'Rooster'. I noticed he would go up to the 4 foot wooden fence and scratch his backside on it so one day I just went out there and scratched him all over the place. He turned to where his head was facing the...
  10. Tamara

    What to do about muddy areas!

    I’ve been battling the excess mud for years. I finally found a solution using mudstopper but they are discontinuing it! Looking for cheap, quick solutions. Single mom sheep herder.
  11. H

    hello from Minnesota!

    Hey! I'm new here, I'm going into college for Ag Education and I'm looking to find out as much as I can about horses and ranch living, as well as how to manage a teaching position, and farming, and what opportunities lie out there in the equine world! I have been obsessed with horses since i...
  12. RacehorsesRock

    Need Info About Birthing And Weaning

    So guys, hi! I just need some info for a project. Where should foals be kept with their moms? -during birthing -after birth before weaned -during weaning -after that When should you wean a foal? How can you bottle feed a baby? How to take care of orphan foals? How to help mom during birth...
  13. S

    Loose mineral help

    We have herd that consists of two Shetland wethers, two female goats, one buck and two horses. They are all in the same pasture (hopefully by next summer we will have more fencing up and can separate them out. But for now it is what it is. Nobody is on grain, they are all on pasture with hay for...
  14. Herdcutter

    Hello from Northern Lower Michigan

    Hello I'm new to this forum/site. We are The Guerin's. (pronounced like this "Garrin") We are Frank & Laura (me), Josh age 17, Thomas age 9, and George age 8. We have 4 dogs, 6 chickens, 13 ducks, 1 horse and 1 guinea pig. I homeschool my boys as they all have some sort of learning...
  15. Deer Nightmare


    I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about learning from you guys!!! :celebrateI want to know EVERYTHING about cows, pigs, sheep, goats, bees, horses, etc... :weee I have eight cows and two pigs on the way. Thanks so much for your time! Every Deer's Nightmare (That is my nickname) :ya
  16. Holly Beatenbo

    Hi from the farm

    Hi my name is Holly Beatenbo i'm currently working for a petting farm and have a small hobby farm. we raise Scottish highlander cows, pot bellied pigs, miniature horses and donkeys, angora goats and milk goats, alpacas, and one llama named Jeffery, angora rabbits, dwarf rabbits, ponies and much...