1. C

    How to wean and prevent mastitis?

    So, we attempted to separate our ram-lambs recently but it didn't work for two reasons. First, they kept escaping through the electric fence. That we could probably fix. However, we also noticed that ewes' udders were staying pretty full and were concerned about mastitis becoming a problem...
  2. C

    Grass Identification?

    Hello! We're trying to decide what plants to add to our pasture for better diversity. What I want to know is: How do you identify grasses already growing in your pasture? Thanks in advance!
  3. U

    Pasture design question

    Good day, I'm brand new to this forum so I hope this is the appropriate sub forum to post this in since it has to do with sheep. We are located in Eastern North Carolina and our goal is to get Katahdins this Spring with the goal of doing market lambs once we are established. We have been doing...
  4. Beekissed

    Culling to make the herd suit your management and pasture.

    Wonderful view on husbandry and one that I share: Greg Judy on parasite resistant sheep, not deworming livestock, graining sheep vs. grass fed sheep, etc. His portion of the vid is a little ways into it. What kinds...
  5. promiseacres

    Pasture land vs hay fields for horses

    My husband and I are not in agreement with how to best manage our new farm land (20 acres total). We agree with a most things and at first I agreed that in the minimal pasture, more hay ground. But seeing a couple of our older horses not holding their weight with more hay this past summer I am...
  6. Beekissed

    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    ...and loving it! Getting back into sheep in a small way and need a place to journal about it all. Starting again with Katahdins, my fave breed, and will keep a very small herd of one full time ram, a wether and a few ewes until I see what my pasture can support. Won't have the wether until...
  7. seachick

    Planning our pasture... soggy area in woods OK?

    Hello, We live on a small <1 acre lot in the suburbs and are getting 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. We plan to fence in a part of our grassy lawn that is about 1000 square feet for them, but it has no shrubs or trees. We DO have a big chunk of wooded area that we could fence, but it's pretty soggy. In...
  8. shepherdO

    To Mow or Not to Mow - Input needed!

    Question re: leaving standing grass in the winter. Should I be mowing what's left of the grass, maybe just before the first snows, or leaving it standing? Ie, if the sheep aren't going to eat the tall yellowed grass, is it better to mow it down when/before the snow comes, so that there's...
  9. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    leasing my land for hay -- suggested contract details needed

    All, I am to the point now where I think I want to lease about 80 acres of my pasture land to someone else for them to bale hay. I have read through a number of threads on this forum, including the many wonderful responses I received for my very first thread "what do I do with 100 acres of...
  10. Wehner Homestead

    Rotational Grazing

    We are going to switch our cows to rotational grazing the first of the year. Getting the goats on the same track is also a goal but no current timeframe. I thought I’d see if anyone else has done any rotational grazing and any do’s or dont’s to share. We are researching but sometimes the...
  11. MatthewsHomestead

    Kudzoo, Give me Kudzoo, so say the goats!

    Ok, so I've heard over and over that no grazing animal likes kudzoo. Total horse crock! The stuff is like crack to my goats. Here they are in my jungle I attempt to call garden, and all they want is the kudzoo thicket out back on someone else's land!
  12. goats&moregoats

    Sharing housing & Pasture?

    Does anyone here house and pasture large breed goats with Nigerians? If so can you tell me how it is working out? I want to get some Nigerians, but don't want to have to build another shelter. The pasture I can divide if necessary. I have had one person tell me not to do it.
  13. promiseacres

    Horse barn /pen/pasture set up thoughts

    So with our "hopeful" move I'm dreaming of designing a barn/pasture set up. Was talking with Mom and of course we've different ideas. Her husband set their barns up with a stall per horse and they all run into their stalls to eat, they ONLY used the stalls to do this 90% of the time...
  14. G

    New goat momma has questions.

    Hey, I am getting my 2 nigerian dwarf wethers this weekend. I already have a pen off to the side of the yard for my chickens. It is pretty big, so I built the goats a shelter on the opposite end of the chicken coop. The goats will be let out of the pen every morning. Most mornings I will leave...
  15. Sonja

    Electric Poultry Netting for Rabbit Grazing Pen

    We have hens in electric fenced/netted pen that we can move to fresh pasture when needed. We have an extra netting set-up so I was wondering if it could be used to pen our NZWs on pasture. Really wanting to cut feeding cost and it seems pasture raised meat rabbits could be do-able. I'm hoping...
  16. WildRoseBeef

    Slow Introductions on Pasture

    Recently I learned something that is worth repeating on here, though because of my job I'm not at liberty to post about the situation I learned about and was involved in. Instead, I will just share some information on cattle health and pasture management related to this case that you may find...