1. A

    Rabbits and dog/cat questions

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting some Angora rabbits and want to keep them inside. I have two cats and a dog (Teddy Bear Shih Tzu), so basically the cats are bigger than the dog. They're all really good with animals as I have raised several sets of chicks and ducklings around them without...
  2. A

    Angora fiber processing question

    Hi all, I'm new to rabbits and fiber. My mom and i enjoy crocheting and so I've started to look into farming fiber. I thought starting small, such as a few angora rabbits, might be a good way to get our feet wet. However, as i did research i realized while the investment in rabbits is far less...
  3. GypsyG

    Overbaked litter and a kit with a deformed ear.

    I have a doe who was due on the 15th, but she didn't have her kits until this morning. She had eight kits - seven average sized kits, and one runt, and they were born with fur! One of the average sized kits has a deformed ear. One ear is small and pointy, and it looks like it won't have an...
  4. GypsyG

    Rabbit with rapid onset neurological symptoms

    I have a doe who a couple of hours ago started showing symptoms of some kind of neurological problems. I heard a commotion coming from her cage and when I got there she was bucking/convulsing with her eyes clenched tight... I picked her up to examine her and she stopped convulsions, but...
  5. E

    Preventing fleas?

    Hey everyone! My cat has fleas and I was wondering if that's going to be a problem for my rabbit. He lives outside in a h u ch and a run with a wore floor so the grass likes through. My cat spends a fair amount of time outside and does sometimes hang out around my rabbit's run, but they never...
  6. BranscumFarm

    Funny rabbit breeding video

    I video all my breeding to help document and for reference if I forget to write done the buck or date. This video was made a month ago but every time I watch it, I can not help myself. It's so funny. No spoilers but it's worth at least the first 30 sec.
  7. C

    Raising Meat Rabbits in North Carolina

    Hello, I have recently gained an interest in raising rabbits for meat. I have done a considerable amount of research, but have several questions that are more pertinent to raising rabbits in NC, as well as a few general questions that I'm hoping others who have raised rabbits for meat purposes...
  8. BunnyBoxHop

    Wabbit Contest! (I got some Looney toons in me) End~ August 15th 2017

    Howdy and welcome to my contest! :woot I guess I got some Looney toons in me! :lol: Rules 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. Tell a friend! (You don't have to, but I would love if you did! :p) 5. HAVE FUN!!! Fill out this form Breed: Age: Gender (if...
  9. Marie28

    Black Silver Fox Rabbit Doe (n. WI)

    We have a black Silver Fox doe for sale. She is 9 weeks 2 days (as of May 16). She is in great health and growing fast. We are asking for $30 or open to trade offers. Feel free to ask questions, more pictures can be added.
  10. Y

    Confused rabbit - false pregnancy?

    I am new to breading rabbits (and this forum) and need advice. One of my does (a meat mutt with some giant breed mix) failed to birth a litter after being bred. This is her first breeding at about 1 y.o. She seemed to be "acting pregnant" (gained weight, flopped on her side when resting, made a...
  11. Marie28

    Moving mom and week old kit

    Our silver fox doe Ruby had a one live kit. She is feeding it and its growing great. The problem is that she can't stay in her current cage (inside the house), its too small. We have an out door hutch made and ready for her. We will also have to change the nesting box (cardboard) because its not...
  12. Jacob Zierke

    Birthing problems

    My Mini Rex doe has been in labor for at least 12 hours now.... We found her last night(day 31) sitting in her nest box and pushing, but after about a half hour she jumped out and went into a corner and continued to push. After 3 hours of pushing she finally had her first kit, but it was dead...
  13. Arrakis

    Rabbits - Do I use plastic water bottles or crocks in the winter?

    Good morning, This is my first winter with rabbits and I was wondering what everyone uses to water. Now that winter has arrived I'm changing out the plastic water bottles several times a day. In most cases, not much ice in the bottle, but the metal spout freezes up fast. Will using ceramic...
  14. MiroslavZivic

    Mosquito bites

    I've been meaning to post this question here for a while now. I've looked through the various threads here, and mosquitoes don't seem to be a big issue for everyone talking about them here on BYH. They are treated as more of a nuisance than anything else. I should note that while It's not a...
  15. M

    Breeding questions

    We will be moving and buying my aunt and uncles 5acre small farm. We are moving this year but wont be introducing meat rabbits till later next year. So I am just doing my work at gathering the information needed to have a successful rabbit production. I will create different threads for each of...
  16. KariBunny

    New Member <3 Question on Keeping Bunnies outside :)

    Hi Everyone, i have 3 bunnies outside in Hutch. What can i use for beding on the run? Thank you and God Bless :)
  17. B

    Urban Farmer

    Hey all. New to the whole urban farm game. I recently purchased a home where I plan on starting a tiny urban farm. I currently have a few rabbits a small water garden 9 ducklings and 2 goslings. I'm wanting to breed pigs(on a small scale) a dairy goat and possibly a sheep as well oh, and a...
  18. promiseacres

    hernia or abscess? photos on #9

    One of my 8 week old sable point velveteen lops has an abscess on his stomach. I am thinking I need to cull him. I was researching thinking I could treat with bi cillin but looks like treatmentioned is 8+ weeks.... hate to do it but I know it's probably best. Anyone have any success with at...
  19. Kaye

    Hello from Alabama!!

    We live in western Jefferson county. I also have a BYC profile. Search- Bantamturkey. Have two bunnies and hopefully more in about a week. Seven bantams, 50 layer hens, three established turkeys, one poult, turkey eggs, bantam eggs, a few buff orp eggs, a goat, a hog, a pitbull, a chicken...
  20. kat the farmer

    Doe died and kits are only 3 weeks

    My beautiful doe just died of heat stroke and her kits are only 4 weeks old. There are five of them and i am not sure what to do since there is very little info online. Is it necessary to provide a milk supplement or will they be ok on pellets, grass clippings and hay?? Please inform me what has...