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    Wehner Homestead 2019 Kidding Thread

    As y’all know, life has been crazy. We have baby goats on the way out of a doe that I didn’t truly think was bred. The one I thought was bred isn’t. :idunno:barnie Also, after evaluating everyone tonight...(Thanks @Goat Whisperer for the reminder to check the calendar. I was focused on Calving...
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    Ella (A Barn Cat’s Journey of Mothering)

    We had previously expected Ella to have kittens but were mistaken. DH saw “the act” between Wilson and Ella about three weeks ago and then a stray yellow tabby tom last week and Ella. She’s bound to be expecting now. My research showed domestic feline gestations to be 58-63 days. Does anyone...
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    Wehner Homestead 2019 Calving

    Calving on the Homestead starts soon. The first two are due Feb 11. Our Calving schedule for this year: 2/11Georgia (Grand Fortune) Gatlin (Destiny) 2/19Maxine (MWJ) 2/23Scarlett (Grand Fortune) 2/25 Maddie (Loaded for Bear) 2/28Ember (Destiny) 3/1 Bailey (Dakota Gold) 3/5...
  4. B&B Happy goats

    Goat in labor, one is in canal, doe not pushing may be two more inside

    It is in the active postings listed under FF questions, fustratedearthmother came on, said kid needed to be gotten out, and have asked her to stay and help if poss. But any help is needed...thanks Barb at B&B HAPPY GOATS
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    Rotational Grazing

    We are going to switch our cows to rotational grazing the first of the year. Getting the goats on the same track is also a goal but no current timeframe. I thought I’d see if anyone else has done any rotational grazing and any do’s or dont’s to share. We are researching but sometimes the...
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    Bottle Kittens: Smoky and Daisy

    Y’all know I am a softie and have difficulty saying no...I’m now raising 3 kittens that were dropped in the storm last night. They were soaking wet and cold when I got them. We dried them with towels that had been warmed in the dryer while they were en route to us. After they were mostly dry...
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    Wehner Homestead 2018 Breeding

    I get to start a goat breeding thread!! I meant to start it before the fact but anyway, it’s a necessity now. Knight covered Caramel today. DH witnessed the act three times while they were together on two occasions. Since they are both ND, 145 days will be 10/5. This will be her 2F. She kidded...
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    Cattle Breeding 2018

    It’s about time for breeding season! Cattle have a 9 month gestation and our first cow to calve cycled today. We don’t breed on the first heat following Calving but that means we need to get our breeding decisions lined out. Otis is our PB Simmental herd bull. He only has one calf on the...
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    Fencing, Housing, Paddocks

    I started to put this on the kidding thread but decided it fit better as a separate discussion here. Plans are in the works for a proper goat area with a covered loafing area with hay feeders and sleeping shelves, “dry lot” with toys and fresh water access connected to rotational paddocks...
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    Wehner Homestead Recipes

    Chicken Noodle Soup 2 cups cooked chicken (diced or shredded) 8 cups chicken broth or stock 1 box Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice - Original 1/4 t pepper 1 T parsley flakes 2 cups sliced carrots 3 cups egg noodles My recipe is literally the ingredient list! Lol I use stock from the chicken if possible...
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    Wehner Homestead LGD

    Since y’all seem to like Queenie ;) and I’m a little attached to her, I thought I’d start a thread to share our LGD stories and pics on. We do plan on adding at least one more LGD sometime this year. Queenie LOVES her human kids. She now makes a daily trip in the house to clean up any messes...
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    Wehner Homestead 2018 Calving: Done

    We have 11 cows due this spring so I thought I’d go ahead and put their pics and info here instead of in our journal. Our cows are all named, most know their names and come when called, and several have been shown. In a way, they are big pets! 2/9 Maizy* (Jesse James) 2/10 Maddie (Dakota...