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Sep 14, 2016
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Wstrn Cent Florida
Want to Thank everyone for the concern and well wishes!! has sure been a long time, but as usual with us, it hasn't been very boring around here....there is plenty to catch up on and some "adventures" to share....the new phone makes a world of difference and I will be posting again to catch ya up on thangs....Gabbie is doing well and so is Callie....yes!!...there will be pics....:lol:......just like all of ya, we haven't seen the likes of what is happening ever before....tho, for years we have been preparing for "social distancing"...:gig....when ya live in the "sticks" the only "rat race" is in the corn crib or feed trough...😂...we are fine on that front even tho we basically live "in town" now...the outskirts of a small town is just fine. I'll be looking in on things and attempting to get updated on many of ya while sharing our progress with things here during was 98 here this past wednesday, so progress will be slowing down very quickly....:bow...I just wanted to stop in and say HI to All and can't wait to join in the "banter"....and as soon as I get better "aquainted" with the phone there'll be pics...I promise....:celebrate:thumbsup