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May 4, 2019
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Hello there. So, the chicks have decided to adopt me. I’ve never had a batch this friendly! One got beat up, or stepped on, or fell out of an airplane. It was curled up in a corner bleeding and going into shock. So it of course came in the house for intensive tlc. Now it’s back up and walking, and waiting by the back door to come back in. I don’t spoil my animals lol. Unfortunately this is a roo I’m pretty sure. Also got quackers in the bator. My friend wants ducklings to expand her flock, I’m excited for the hatch! Especially not having the allergy bombs for more than a few days lol!
My garden is tiny for most of y’all, but it’s better than last years for me. I now have two raised beds, and a potato tower. Last year I did two large patches in the ground and it died for one reason or another, but the raised bed did beautifully. Hopefully I can get some good stuff. I also have compost that took a year to work on, it is SO beautiful. Perfectly black and Great texture. I’m telling you guys this because my family thinks I’m weird in my dirt pride.
Ooh, what else? I found lice on my goat, they tend to be good with internal parasite resistance but I always seem to find knits on them, like every year. I’ve got the heebety jeebeties, but I already dusted everybody with diatomaceous earth, so they should be cleared up in a few days.

Still need to clean the yard and garden up. But hopefully you’ll get some great after photos in a little while!


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