1. J

    Pig fence recommendations

    I'm preparing to get pigs soon so planning out fencing. I've thought about a pallet pen with hot wire on the bottom. Recently I've been thinking about electric only (after training) so I can rotate pastures easily. However, since we don't live on the farm I'm worried about them getting out...

    NEWCOMER 's journal

    :loveDay 00004, Hello my friends!!! So today I woke up like this! :caf so, I decided to edit my journal. I finally got my milk sheep comfortable with being milked! No more crying over spilled milk! Our pigs are happy...no break outs! But it is cold outside.🥶 only 44 degrees. Better than...
  3. Rustic Green Acres

    Boar gone berserk!

    The farmers we bought our boar from had there boar go crazy, during mating with a sow. As far as I understand she fell down while he was on her and it sent him in to a rage, they had to beat him off of her with a broom. Sadly they had to put her down. Has anyone heard of a boar going mad like...
  4. Rustic Green Acres

    Any tips on how to tell if your pig is pregnant?

    New pig owners/breeders here. Any tips on how to tell if your pig is pregnant? We have 2 Berkshire gilts in with a boar, we think they are pregnant but we're not sure.
  5. Rancer

    Life is amazing out in Palisades WA

  6. M

    Introducing and feeding pigs of different sizes

    We live in Hawaii and keep wild caught Polynesian pigs (they’re a big nuisance to most farmers) in a mobile pasture system. As such we get pigs at different times so they’re all different sizes and ages. We started with a set of 3 siblings: two barrows and a gilt, but we had to separate the...
  7. Farmer Connie

    NIGHT VISION Finishing Feeder Pigs

    Playing around while finishing to hogs in the dark.
  8. Matt n Lee

    All of your pig talk got me in TROUBLE!

    Been reading pig threads all day and I up and bought some pigs! I found a guy on CL with hampshire yorkshire cross. got 2 cut males 35lbs and 40 lbs each for 100 bucks. I have t pick them up in the morning before work, but the real scary part will be telling my wife when I get home :) You are...
  9. N

    pig has diahrrea and is walking in circles

    hi guys, im fairly new on here. i was womdering if you guys can help me.. i have a 4 month old pig that has diahrrea and is walking in circles his head is tilted toward the left.. im not sure whats wrong with him hes not eating..
  10. Goat Shaman

    Pig Questions

    I'm considering getting pigs, so I have some questions. Some may be irrelevant to a first time pig owner, but I'm curious. I'm currently reading a book that answers some of these questions, but other opinions from experienced pig owners would be helpful. Is it okay to start with one gilt, and...
  11. Goat Shaman

    New in Northeast TX

    Hi, I have a backyard herd of 5 goats. Their names are Ronin, Periwinkle, Wanda, Imzadi, and Bambina. Each are individuals and have their own story. I wasn't raised in the country, and I got my first goats the day after Christmas on 2013, so I'm a relative newbie. I really enjoy country...
  12. Farmer Connie

    Keeping fly's out of laceration on Sow

    I have a beautiful Hampshire Sow who was injured about 6 days ago. She has a gash on her shoulder that is slow healing. I irrigate it several times a day with hydrogen peroxide and apply iodine to prevent infection. It is slowly healing but it is deep and flies are magnetized and piling on it...
  13. Farmer Connie


    Hello I am semi hobby farm owner in North Central Florida. I have started this thread to share some of things we do. I will update it periodically with random videos, photos, events and our trials and tribulations. There is never a dull moment while running a farm. My husband and in our fifties...
  14. Farmer Connie

    Hello from North Central Florida!

    I am happy to be apart of this wonderful site! I have been lurking in the shadows reading threads and such. It is nice to be able to tap into such a site as this and enjoy all the experiences and be able to share a few of mine as well. We have a small hobby farm in Florida where we breed and...
  15. lcertuche

    Gardening With Pigs

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=792323294226225&set=gm.1971465473099408&type=3 Now this is a good way to get tomatillos.
  16. oldmomster

    New pig owner here

    Just brought home two Berkshire barrows yesterday, went looking for info on what to expect and found this site.....so much good information! Currently we have 3 horses, one very aged Border Collie, 10 Rhode Island Red chickens, 25 chicks that are a cross between a White Rock and Rhode Island...
  17. R

    Pot bellied pig's friend died - how to handle

    Came back from vacation after a family friend was house sitting to one dead pot bellied pig. We think the most likely cause is contaminated water, but that's now a separate issue. We had two pot bellies who were getting along swimmingly, about a year old each. Looks like one died within the...
  18. DaisythePig

    How to tell the difference between a farm pig and a mini pig.

    Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a farm piglet and a mini piglet? I would like to get a mini but i don't want to fall into any scams. Also do pigs get a lot of sicknesses? thanks!
  19. E

    Help! Piglet Itchy,Sick. Runt

    Someone I know how has a young piglet that was a runt. Not sure on the breed but its a large one and she only weighs 13 lbs! Shes indoors, and im pretty sure she has Mange. I know how to administer Injections in goats and rabbits. BUT, not sure with pigs. She also has Diarrhea and im pretty sure...
  20. T

    Line breeding. NEED HELP

    Hi there, I just bought 2 Hampshire pigs, same dad different moms,they arent ready to breed yet, but when they are can I breed them? I've done a little research and it looks like a hit or miss, I just need some opinions so just let me know. Thanks!