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May 29, 2018
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Duluth, GA
Hey All,
When I find the time to open this up, I’m always shocked how long it’s been. We sold Squeakers. He went to a home with another little buckling almost the same age. I’ve been milking his mom since he left but am now slowing that down. We can’t consume her milk from the antibiotics back early summer. I saved some in the freezer for spring kids if needed. Plus I may practice cheese making so that by the time I have usable milk I’m not wasting it with mistakes. I have no idea how easy or hard cheese making is. The bucks are ready for breeding and the girls seems ready the only ones who don’t seem ready are the humans. I really want a great kidding season in the spring but am definitely a little guy shy after our first go around. One of the silkies that hatched in March is broody, I gave her 3 eggs. Hopefully all pullets hatch, lol. I have roosters galore. Well, it’s been a long weekend. I’m tired. Hope I get back on here sooner. Until I do, I hope everyone is happy and healthy.