1. Mahoney

    Hello From Alabama!!

    Hello Everyone! I joined a couple months ago, I just have not introduced myself yet. We own a homestead in Roanoke, AL, where we raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Kune Kune Pigs, American Guinea hogs, Guinea hens, Red Star Chickens, Delaware Chickens and Quails. All of our animals are fed organic and...

    Poultry and Egg science

    Okay! So, I'm in a program and I'm going to be doing a presentation on Poultry and Egg science! And I've got to choose from these topics to discuss: Broiler Chickens Chicken Breeds vs. Egg Color Refrigerated eggs vs. Non-refrigerated eggs Free range vs. Chickens held in houses My mentor says...
  3. Fishychix

    Hello from OH

    Hi! I’ve been a member on BYC since May and thought I would also check out this site and the Self Sufficient one. It wasn't until literally just a few minutes ago I felt it necessary to create an account instead of lurking. Sadly, but hopefully everything will turn out okay :fl My menagerie...
  4. Tracy Jones

    Introduction or "Re-introduction":

    Hello to all my fellow backyard Mamas (and Pa's too) I've been around the goating world for quite a while now. My herd is a small group of Registered Nigerian Dwarves, collected and retained over a decade of continually breeding for better characteristics in future generations. This little...
  5. A

    Basic H as a de-wormer?

    Hi all, does anyone use Basic H as a de-wormer? I ran across some information today that talked about how you can use it for sheep and cows, even dogs, as a de-wormer. They said 1.5t to a gallon of water every few months. Does anyone know if you can use this for other ruminants like goats or...
  6. thylacinu

    Future Herder in KS

    Hey y'all, I don't own anything other than cats and dogs right now, but I'm saving up my money to get a house with some acreage in the next couple of years or so and to keep some a couple of donkeys and/or mules as companion animals as well as a small flock of chickens and maybe a few other...
  7. Coolbreeze89

    8 month old pyr/toli pups

    Hello, all! I’ve been reading through the many threads, and very much appreciate everyone’s insight and experienced guidance. I would appreciate some direction. I have a 3yr old pyr/toli male, Baba, who is very protective of his domain, but not particularly bonded to my Nigerian dwarf...
  8. Blamo'sBestBuddy

    Is there a breed that never needs shearing?

    Hi all, I signed up about a month or 2 ago but have not been very active. I am very new to farming and have one garden (pretty small) and a flock of 6 chickens. I am hoping to start a farm someday and found this forum while researching. Now I have a question about sheep,: Is there a breed that...
  9. Blamo'sBestBuddy

    Blamo'sBestBuddy--- My chickens and my fish!

    Hi everyone, In this journal I talk about my chickens and my fish! So lets get started! I have 6 chickens, 3 BO's and 3 GLY's. They are pets....and if they are pets, they are named. I will tell you the names soon! Oh, and I will talk about my fish. I got to go! Be back later!
  10. Rancer

    Life is amazing out in Palisades WA

  11. GypsyG


    Hello all! My name is Gypsy. I have lived in Ozark Missouri for the the last year. I have a herd of meat mutt rabbits that consists of 12 does and 4 bucks. I also have 8 lovely laying hens, and a wonderful Jack Russell terrier named Gracie. I plan on adding quail, muscovy ducks, and...
  12. Kayann Sirvent

    New Here Callahan Florida

    Hi All I’m in NE Florida I’m new to Farm We have All Mini Animals:) Pony’s , Goats , Cow , Donkeys , Pigs Our Bunnies Chickens Ducks are only regular animals not Mini I mean . Also have 2 TCup Chihuahuas 1 Min Poodle 1 Golden Retriever Looking now for a Standard Female Poodle and Our Family...
  13. Farmer Connie


    Hello I am semi hobby farm owner in North Central Florida. I have started this thread to share some of things we do. I will update it periodically with random videos, photos, events and our trials and tribulations. There is never a dull moment while running a farm. My husband and in our fifties...
  14. Herdcutter

    Hello from Northern Lower Michigan

    Hello I'm new to this forum/site. We are The Guerin's. (pronounced like this "Garrin") We are Frank & Laura (me), Josh age 17, Thomas age 9, and George age 8. We have 4 dogs, 6 chickens, 13 ducks, 1 horse and 1 guinea pig. I homeschool my boys as they all have some sort of learning...
  15. C

    Where's my BYC???

    Hey there! Yes, another chicken person. I'm Rachel in Arizona and I have, among others, a one-legged mutt rooster, two silkies, three Buff Orpingtons, several bantam mutt hens, some RIRs, a few Australorps, and some Barred Rocks. Had a question I wanted to post or I might have just waited...
  16. C

    Is This Bumblefoot?

    Would be posting this on BYC if it were an option! Oh well. I've treated bumblefoot before, but this is a little different. It's my one-legged rooster. He's got a scab on his stump that looks like it might be bumblefoot, might not be. It's not a round "plug," and there's no swelling...It really...
  17. T

    Help! A bunch of my laying hens have Ascites Syndrome!

    So far I've lost 4 of my hens to Ascites over the past few months. Two Buff Orpingtons and two Silver Laced Wyandottes. Two more of my buffs now have swollen water bellies... I can't figure out what's causing it! I've done my research and know that the ascites is caused by organ failure, but I...
  18. A

    New to raising chickens. When to put them outside?

    I have 4 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Barred Rocks and 4 Buff Orpingtons, they are 3 and a half weeks old. I currently have them in a brooder in the house, with a heat lamp. I finished building them a brooder outside this morning and have been thinking about putting them in there. I live in North Kansas...
  19. C

    Cornish rocks?

    Wondering what kind of chicks these are. They are about 3 weeks old im starting to think they might be cornish rocks. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  20. Chookmama

    New to BYH - Hello from Berry Australia !

    We have a small B&B on 25 acres with 7 alpacas and 14 free ranging chooks. I have followed BYC for advice and ideas for a long time and looking forward to seeing what's going on here.