1. K

    Which fence?

    Which of these fences should I use for goats? Or should I use something else entirely? https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/feedlot-panel-cattle-16-ft-l-x-50-in-h https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/welded-wire-48-in-x-100-ft...
  2. E

    Pet playgrounds fencing?

    Hi. We're getting the pet playgrounds fencing for our dogs and I was wondering if anyone had tried it with their goats. We'll be getting Nigerian dwarfs. I've spoken to the pet playgrounds people and they said it should be fine, but I wanted to see if anyone had actually used it before we...
  3. M

    Let's Talk Set ups!! Fencing, housing, etc

    I got such great opinions on my fencing quote thread, but I realized one big thing: we all look for and need different things in our farm set ups! I thought it'd be fun to talk about how we have our farms set up, and for what animals, and climate! Also, PROS and CONS of your current set up...
  4. M

    Insane fencing costs?

    Hello everyone! We recently bought a property and want to fence in four 1-acre pastures. We want them connected in sets of two with an aisle in between, so each set of 2 pastures shares one fence line. Since this property is out of state from our current farm, I'm trying to get fencing up...
  5. F

    Goat Fencing

    We are looking to get 2 nigerian dwarf does for milk. And I have a few questions on fences. What is your favourite inexpensive but still productive fencing? I've been looking at some 4 by 100 ft welded wire fencing. But ive also been looking at electric fences. However ive heard that goats can...
  6. Jacob Zierke

    Goat fencing

    I'm getting two Nigerian Dwarf does soon and I am trying to figure out the whole fencing thing.... A while ago my brothers raise goats in electric goat netting and never had any problems with getting out or injuries. This seems like the best option for us, since we want to move them around a lot...
  7. G

    Fully enclosed run fencing ?s

    Hi! I am looking to build an 800 sf fully enclosed run for goats and maybe also for chickens. I live in the mountains with mountain lions, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, bears, etc and the location for our run is near trees, so wilhout a top covering on the run, it seems that many predators could...
  8. Finge

    Advice for fencing and Shelter for goats

    So, I'm lookin' for advice before I even start building anything from more experienced goat owners. I am planning on getting Nigerian dwarf goats, and I'm stumped on what to do about shelter. This year, so far, this year has been pretty hot and only started to get cold around Thanksgiving, and...
  9. Green Acres Farm

    Minimum # of feet goat pasture should be from big pond

    We just got most of our woods cleared and want to keep our goats and maybe our horse on some of it. However, there is a big pond by it and I was wondering how far the fence should be away from it as a minimum? Thanks!
  10. DaisythePig

    Need help with building secure fence for dog that runs away!

    Does anyone know how to build a fence for a dog that can dig out. My dog runs away and i need a secure fence for him. Any advice welcome! Thanks
  11. WildOaksManor

    Vinyl Ranch fencing....with goats?

    Now obviously, 3 rail vinyl fencing and goats do not mix, but we moved into a home on 5 acres, which is perimeter fenced with 3 rail vinyl. I am trying to figure out what the best way would be to fence in pasture area for my Nigerians. My husband wants to throw up T-posts and 2x4 wire fencing...
  12. E

    Fencing through boulders & messy woods

    Hi all! I'm new here and so excited to learn and prepare for the goats we anticipate getting in the near future. My biggest concern is related to fencing- two sides of our perimeter fence will have to go through overgrown rocky (giant bolder field!) woods and I'm not sure how to even approach...
  13. totesmcgoats

    Electric fencing for newbies

    Hi all, We have a ND doe (possibly pregnant) and 2 ND wethers. The doe is 18 months old and the wethers are 5 months. We have a permanent fence up for them, but we primarily got them for brush control and I have some questions about electric fencing. Mainly, what are your best tips for...