1. F

    Bambis journal

    Since his birth, I’ve been wanting to journal him like my ducks. So here, I’ll hopefully keep this up until he’s old and passed. Birth: November 22nd, Wednesday 8:00pm. Thanksgiving evee Single child (had a twin but it was much smaller, much skinnier and stillborn) Boy? Girl? Will check in a...
  2. goatbarn25

    About Mini Alpines

    I am new to mini alpines, and I have a few questions. Since Alpine's are seasonal breeders and Nigerian Dwarf's can be bred all year round, can my mini alpine doe be bred all year round, or just seasonally? Also, when is the earliest that you should breed a doeling? Is 10 months too early? My...
  3. Phil McDonnell

    Goat Breathing Trouble

    Hello All, I have a goat that has been having a breathing issue for over a week now. She has some nasal discharge but not much. She basically sticks her tongue out and what sounds like a deep exhale. Hopefully you can see the video I am linking below. The vet has been out multiple times and we...
  4. Ctittle

    Help making drag-board for climbing goat

    Hey all, can anyone give me a little quick help? I have twin Pygmy wether goats that have started climbing the fences. (A previous buck taught them naughty tricks! :somad) They’re large for Pygmies - they are both significantly larger than both of their parents - and are about 4 inches taller...
  5. goatbarn25

    Is there any way to prevent scurs?

    I have a mini alpine buckling born February 11th, and we disbudded him and his sister at 3 weeks old. I know that it was later then it should have been, but I forgot that we were going to dehorn the babies until they were already 3 weeks old. We burned them off the best we could. The doelings...
  6. goatbarn25

    Is my goat pregnant?

    I have an Alpine doe, who was exposed to a billy goat August 18-September 18. I normally would have left her in with him longer, but I wasn't able to with life the way it was. I have had goats for going on three years, but this is my first time with a seasonal breeder. I have always been able to...
  7. N

    New small barn- ventilation and flooring help?

    Hi folks! 3 months behind schedule, but my framers have finally started on my barn, and I have some questions about ventilation, floor substrate and etc. I have 2 bred Toggenburg does arriving in a few weeks (kidding in February), and will grow into a small herd of goats and maybe also a few...
  8. 2

    Copasure Goat Kid Bolus Help

  9. 2

    Weaning 13 week old wether

  10. 2

    Normal Goat Kid Sleep

  11. N

    New to Goats! Need Advice

    Hi all! I am new to raising goats, we have two 8 week old Alpine Does. I am feeding them Kent Dairy Goat Pellets, which are 18% protein. How much should I feed them? I have read a half cup a day is good, but the lady we purchased them from was feeding them as much as they would eat. I do not...
  12. H

    Super sick young goat!

    Hello, I’m a new goat owner ! My husband rescued 2 goats and a lamb from a slaughter and were told they were wormed which I am having a hard time believing they were okay the first week, now one is super sick!! I gave them dewormer and slowly giving him bounce back but his gums are almost white...
  13. JonesLaneHomestead

    Weird Rash on Goat's Leg

    Hello. So I am in Tennessee and in the last few days, we have had buckets of rain dumped on us. I have two goats, who have a covered shelter, but the rain blew in the last day and got everything wet. I believe my mama goat might have lice and/or mites, so she is has patchy fur (if anyone...
  14. Bicoastal

    Waterer for sheep

    What kind of waterers do you all use for your sheep and goats? I'm looking for first-hand reviews of two-ball waterers, post waterers; auto waterers that have pipe run to them. Located in VA with mild winters. I have heard concerns that sheep can't use the two-ball waterers common for cattle.
  15. BlueRoanPainted

    Doe in labor

    We have a Nigerian dwarf doe who is in labor. She has been trying to prolapse for the last few weeks it's been a huge battle, but she is in labor now. Or at least we thought. (we do not intend to breed her again after this for her health and our sanity) she popped a bag this morning around 7am...
  16. HomesteaderWife

    Goat Emergency - Fine to Can't Stand Overnight

    EDIT: 1/20/2022 We sadly update that she passed away. For future reference - - Please scroll down to read the results of her veterinary visit. We will update and make posts with any progression updates good or bad. Hi everyone, I have a young female goat we have had for quite a few months who...
  17. Chickengirl123

    Can my banded goat still breed?

    Hi! I have a goat who was banded on October 13. He is eight weeks old and the banding fell off about a week ago. He lives with his mom and another doe and the other doe is in heat. He is trying, unsuccessfully due to height difference, to mate with her. I was wondering if there is any way that...
  18. A

    Milk depletion question

    Hi all, this is my first year with goats so I'd love some insight. My nigerian dwarf doe gave birth back in April and I brought her home at the end of May. I've been doing my best to learn to milk, but it was a long, hard learning curve. Anyway, I was getting nearly 1 1/2 cups each milking...
  19. B

    Coughing still after lungworm treatment

    Hello All my goats are wormed every 3 months with panomec. one of my goats was coughing so I called the vet and we treated him for lungworm we used panomec injection and tested him for lungworm which came back positive and showed another type of worm sorry I can’t remember the name. the vet...
  20. A

    To shave or not to shave?

    Hi everyone, I am new to goats and am wondering if i should shave my two NDs a little to help them beat the heat. I realize their hair protects from the sun and flies but i live in Missouri and right now the temps are rising above 100 degrees. They shed their under coat this May but i didn't...