1. GAF

    Stomach Tubing

    I have never had to stomach tube a goat, and hopefully won' t have to, but I really should know how. I have watched videos and read some articles, but if anyone has some tips I would love to hear them! Do you aim for the left side of the throat?
  2. Green Acres Farm

    Best goat resources

    Tennessee Meat Goats is probably the most helpful for me, then Fiasco Farms, although FF has some inaccurate information. I have Goat Medicine, which is HUGE, but I wish it had more pictures and dosages. What are some other great resources?
  3. GAF

    First Fresheners

    I have a Saanen FF who is giving 2 quarts a day. I also have a FF Nigerian Dwarf who gives a quart a day. Should I expect an increase in milk production in future years, or is that about as good as it will get?☺
  4. Kaye

    Elvis the 'Pygmy'??

    I went and got a Pygmy goat two days ago. He is so BEAUTIFUL!! I knew when I got him that I wasn't sure already that he was Pygmy. But I fell in love with him anyway, with his freckles on his nose and ears. I think maybe he's a mix?? He's seven months old and intact. We honestly don't care what...
  5. K

    New to me goat shaking

    Hi everyone, I'm kj and I just brought home two Nigerian Dwarf Does last night. They are about 4 years old. This morning one of the goats was shaking when I went out to check on them. I can't tell if she is afraid of me or ill. The other goat, Leia, is just fine, friendly, no shaking. Rey...
  6. Melanie Moyers

    Goat kid has lice

    I have an approximately 3 week old lamancha kid goat who has been to hell and back. In the last week and a half he has overcome polio and now salmonella/ecoli. Today I noticed, he has lice. I've been reading online about ivermectin 1% injectable to get rid of them. Is this safe for him? He is...
  7. KatandCrowley

    Wether kid with small lump

    I have a 3 week old wether that has a small (under a dime sized) lump on his face. Near the bottom of his lower jaw. Soft and moveable. He came from a herd that is negative for CL, CAE, and Johnes. No hair loss. He is acting completely normal, very playful. Should I be worried? Thanks
  8. KatandCrowley

    How do you clip a dairy wether for fair?

    I am showing a dairy wether at Fair this year but am unsure how to clip him. Is it like market and meat goat wethers? This is my first time showing goats and I can't find anything on how to clip a wether for dairy classes. Thanks!
  9. KatandCrowley

    4h goat showing

    I have a boer doe that I'm planning to show in 4h this year in a meat breed class (not market). She is a nice doe but she has hardly any pigment under her tail. Will this affect her when I'm showing? I know that in ABGA shows they disqualify ones without pigment but are County fairs more...
  10. KatandCrowley

    Coughing goat

    I have a 2 year old wether that I just bought a few months ago. He coughs occasionally maybe a few times a day. It is most noticeable before he goes to sleep at night, after he has eaten hay and some grain. My other goats do not cough at all. I'm pretty new to owning goats and I just want to...
  11. Piper123

    Can a pig live with goats?

    I have three goats, a horse, and about 20 chickens all living together. They all get along fine but today our neighbor called us and said that some guy dropped a pot bellied pig off at their house. He said that he would shoot it if we didn't take it so we decided to go get it. Right now it is in...