1. Rosetta

    Update on Rosie

    My Nubian boar doe is about 3 weeks old and her name is Rosie. We recently took Rosie to the vet, because she was coughing and her nose was runny. When we got there, she was diagnosed with a severe case of bronchitic pneumonia, due to fluids in the lungs. I started blaming myself for not bottle...
  2. Rosetta

    Pregnant or fat?

    My 1 1/2 year old pygmy/Nigerian dwarf nanny. We think she's pregnant but we're not sure. If she is, she'd be due in March. We wouldn't want to go outside one day and find dead baby goat(s) because we weren't sure whether or not she was preggo. Her stomach is tight, and hard. But her udders...
  3. SonRise Acres

    Touch me not to milking goat

    We have a Nigerian that I believe is pregnant. She’s my best mama goat we have. She literally takes a nap, stands up and makes 2-3 quiet cries, delivers her babies, nurses them, and never bats an eye. She always has strong healthy babies. BUT she doesn’t like us to touch her (pregnant or not)...
  4. K

    Goats or sheep

    Goats or sheep? Which do you prefer and why? And what are some potential uses of each? Know about some of the more obvious uses but curious to hear your thoughts/the less obvious ones.
  5. Latestarter

    Latestarter's 2019 kidding

    April just got "had" by RJ so right now it looks like first kidding will be on/about March 13th. I had all the girls, adults and yearlings with the buck and wethers up till September 5th. I had hoped to separate my buck RJ before he went into rut or any of the girls went into heat. I saw him...
  6. K

    When can I put doelings with buck?

    My doe had twin girls 5 weeks ago. As soon as she started to kid I put her in the barn and she has been separated ever since. The buck is not the baby daddy and we eventually want to breed the 2 doelings with him but I obviously don’t want him mounting them quite yet as they are very small. When...
  7. MatthewsHomestead

    Getting rid of lice....Naturally?

    So I noticed a few lice on my doe today. In this day and age we tend to over medicate everything so I would like to deal with this as naturally as possible. Would a small amount of garlic in her nightly feed help? (Can she have that)? Also, I know for humans and other species, a natural mint oil...
  8. Feo

    Goat under 29 inches. Can I show?

    Hey i just got a Nubian... a year and a half old... and I was wondering if she has to be 29 inches to show? She is currently an inch or two short. If not, can she be show as a mini? Thanks
  9. B

    Sharing a city backyard with goats?

    First off - livestock is allowed in Chicago, with no limits. That being said, would I be crazy to share my backyard with two Nigerian Dwarf goats? We have a detached 2.5 car garage, and I’d convert half of it into a pen for them, so indoor space isn’t a concern. We have a fully fenced yard...
  10. Feo

    Weak Goat won't eat

    Hey, i just got back on town from a 3 week trip. When I left my 9 year old Saanen was fine, but now she is very weak and won't eat. She definatly has worms which I already treated with cydectin from the vet and SafeGuard. I believe she must've gotten them from the baby kiko I had a month ago...
  11. Kaseylsnow

    Which Goat Breed Makes the Best Tasting Milk?

    I know this is all a matter of opinion and preference, but I'm looking into raising goats for milk someday soon and am trying to narrow it down to a breed to go with. Leaning toward the Nigerian Dwarf for space and have heard their milk tastes pretty good. I am trying to locate a goat farm...
  12. K

    One day old goats ok?

    My doe had twins yesterday and I am not 100% sure they are nursing. They are super vocal and keep trying to but I have yet to see them latch. I keep checking on them but haven’t seen much but them sleeping and mom eating. I have put them on the nipple and have gotten a couple suckles from them...
  13. Feo

    Sick, wormy, lice infested, baby goat

    Hey people! First things first, this is NOT my goat. It is my neighbors, I just brought it home because I am more suitable for helping it at this point. He is a 4(?) Month old kiko cross. Very tiny. He is extremly wormy, I belive the worms have become immune to the wormer my neighbors use...
  14. MatthewsHomestead

    What breed are these goat ladies?

    I am only familiar with Nubian, Sannan, Alpine, Lamancha, Pygmy, TF's, and Nigerian Dwarfs (basically milk goats). Does anyone know what these ladies are? They were gifted to a friend of mine....
  15. J

    Hello from Washington!-Looking to Relocate to MT

    Hi there, My name is Jessica and I have been reading posts on backyardchickens and backyardherds for a long while now but haven't posted before. My husband and I have lived in Enumclaw, Washington our entire lives (27, 32) but are looking to move out-of-state to the Whitefish/Kalispell...
  16. Feo

    Doe can't pee need help asap

    Hey, I have a 3 year old nubian doe who had triplets in late March. She is frothing at the mouth and was chucking up cud. She keeps squatting and trying to pee, and gets a little out but then screams in pain (I think). She is basically no grain or hay just on grass/forage. She hasn't pooped in...
  17. S

    Help! Broken goat horn and abscess

    I noticed one of my goats was acting a little lethargic. When I went to feed tonight o noticed blood on his face and when I looked closer I noticed what looked like an abscess on the base of his horn! I caught him and cleaned the area as best I could. I covered it in antibiotic ointment and...
  18. MargaretClare

    Storing Caul Fat??

    I was planning on keeping the caul fats off our butchers this year and trying some recipes but I won't be using all of them immediately. What are some ways to store it so that it will remain intact? I know it's pretty perishable and I've read it can be frozen but are there certain storage...
  19. CrockpotGodess

    North Eastern setups

    Building barn/shed for 2 mini goats next weekend. Cannot seem to make my mind up on the set up. Keep bumping back and forth between one idea and other. I have the fencing under control. But just really can not decide on housing. There is a multitude of info out there but everyone seems to live...
  20. Dwarfgoatnoob


    I recently bought a Nigerian dwarf goat and he barely eats the hay we got for him. I looked it up and it said he could eat Timothy grass but he doesn’t seem to like it. We might try and bring him to a supply store and see what he likes.im worried about him someone help